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Forex Trader

Jordan C Lindsey

I taught myself to trade with an unceasing passion for the markets and my desire to conquer them. I traded stocks in the beginning of my career, then futures for two years, and now I focus my attention in the Forex markets. I have leased out my systems to equity firms who train their traders on my methods. I have a very extensive technical analysis background and I have written numerous traders education columns on the Internet. I am also a daily content provider for FXStreet.com.

I consider myself to be an innately good person, It’s my nature to be so. I always wanted to do something I felt was rewarding on many levels. I used to want to become a healer (through alternative medicine) and a spiritual guide, and entered seminary before meeting my wife. Once I got into trading it became a passion. The only thing that was lacking was it being rewarding on the levels I was looking for in life. Through this service I have the potential to effect the lives and families of hundreds or thousands of people around the world by helping them achieve financial independence. That’s profound and exciting to me.

Ultimately my goal is to help as many people as possible around the world live better lives.

My best,