This month’s performance was disappointing. Yet I am still maintaining a 30% monthly average.

one question, does this draw down seem difficult to work out of or “lingering” in nature or is it just a run of the mill draw down that can be expected from time to time, especially trading a decent size account?

It feels routine to me.

The length and characteristics of the draw downs in January and February.

January saw a draw down of 33.46%

We are close to 30% draw down. And if I need to I will close positions toward that level to bring down the draw down.

Let me show you how that was done in the past.

The first two charts will show me taking a 20% loss over a five day period before trading out of it. If I have to take losses again I will.

Aggressive gains at 5.44.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.45.23 PM

The third chart shows the recovery in the days after.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.45.57 PM

I am here to protect it.

I am currently averaging ​over 30% monthly,​ ​a little above the 30% goal.

That varies month to month, as you could see from last month, and again this month. But I am trading above the goal at the moment.

And most importantly there is no pressure​ ​for me to perform. ​​That is why I set 30% monthly as the goal.

This is about meeting long term goals. And the goal is to average 30% monthly and 2000% for the year.

I have a family of four and we have all of our risk capital invested in this and continue to add funds regularly.

I am very happy with the control and discipline.

30% per month