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About Jordan

Above of all I am a husband, a father. I am also a trader with a great passion for the markets. Most of all how to profit from them. Work with me and I’ll show you what works: 31 Days To Profitability

This Years Goals & Aspirations Include a +2,000% Return

I hope you are well and doing great! I am back from our family holiday. We had an amazing time together in Acapulco. The highlight for me was seeing my two year old daughter learning to swim under water.

​During breakfast one morning we all set New Year’s resolutions. One spiritual, one physical, and one for business. I […]

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Weekly Performance Update: Dec. 7 – 11

TraderJCL Live Master Account / NextGen Trinity (track here)

This Week:
+2.04% return with +208 pips with a 86% win ratio on 23 trades

Aggressive Gains

This Week: +3.49% with a 100% win ratio on 15 trades

I started beta testing this strategy this week. Looking to perfect an aggressive strategy with the purpose of achieving extremely high gains. My goal is […]

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Weekly Performance Update: Nov. 30 – Dec. 4

Next Generation Trinity

This Week:
-0.01% with +87 pips with a 58% win ratio on  31 trades.

Once A Day Trade

This Week:
No trades this week.

Thursday’s ECB event was the ideal circumstance for this strategy but after being up all night with the baby it was not possible. I missed out on that one but the market will always be […]

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Weekly Performance Update: Nov. 23-27

Next Generation Trinity

This Week:
-0.97% return with a 1.91% drawdown
Total of -8 pips with a 25% win ratio on 20 trades

Day traders solution.

Once A Day Trade

This Week:
+0.21% return with a 0.02% drawdown
Total of 22 pips with a 50% win ratio on 2 trades

Perfect for those who work full time and have little time to trade.

TraderJCL Live Master […]

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Is Forex Trading Worth It?

As a trader you can make more money than in anything else that you can do. The reality is more people will fail than succeed on learning how to trade forex and take money out of the market consistently.

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Weekly Performance Update: Nov. 16-20

Next Generation Trinity

This Week:
+2.43% return with a 1.96% drawdown
Total of 75 pips with a 70% win ratio on 20 trades

Once A Day Trade

This Week:
+0.03% return with a 0.19% drawdown
Total of 10 pips with a 50% win ratio on 2 trades

The newly released strategy is perfect for those who work full time and have little […]

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Best Forex: Saturday, October 23

The dramatic euro drop in response to Draghi’s dovishness saw the single currency test the seven-month uptrend drawn from the year’s low set in March near $1.0460. The Great Graphic posted here from Bloomberg depicts this.

Draghi opens door for EUR/USD at 1.05 – Goldman Sachs via Forex Crunch

China Cuts Benchmark Interest Rate By 25bps which helps the […]

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NextGen Trinity: This Week +164.9%

Watch this video to see how the account equity is used, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcTS_iVVl_I

The max drawdown using the actual equity in the account has been under 30%. I am sure it is reasonable to expect it could reach 35%.

The profit goal could be +1,000% monthly.

By |September 18th, 2015|Forex Blog|1 Comment

50% Monthly Return On Investment

Obviously 50% monthly is not sustainable for an entire year or you would be the richest person the planet.
Yeah, I agree. 50% a month would allow us to buy mansions almost anywhere we want. I don’t think 50% a month would allow for becoming the richest man on the planet though because you could only […]

By |September 16th, 2015|Forex Blog|2 Comments

Next Generation Trinity

I know this might sound crazy. Imagine designing something producing 50% monthly.

If you would be able to bring the return to 80 or 100 % per month (on average) with more risk taking, everyone would be very happy.. but still it is incredible.. 🙂

As far as the return per month: a consistent 50% return per […]

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Treat Forex Like Your Own Startup

Learning new things helps you form exciting ideas and turn them into  reality.

Design, create, learn, build.

To avoid getting trapped not moving forward always be looking to innovate.

For example you can with the True Trend indicator experiment with a higher TrendCCI reading for strategies that utilize trends to profit. I use the 70 period for that.

You can use […]

By |September 4th, 2015|Forex Blog|2 Comments

Stunning Advancement on Next Generation Trinity FX

For the last few months I have been developing the next generation Trinity FX. Using two VPS with seven instances of Metatrader 4 running on each having them work with each other for various functions of the system. It has been a lot of hard work!

Here is the fruit.

Absolutely amazing results:

I’ve begun testing the core […]

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Group Update – Aug 15

Last week I traveled unexpectedly to New York to help take care of my mom. She had major surgery. After being home for a few days she noticed she was having trouble breathing. Turns out she had a pulmonary embolism, a small blood clot in her lungs. She was hospitalized for three more days including […]

By |August 22nd, 2015|Forex Blog|2 Comments

Progress Is Gaining Momentum

This is an exciting time. A lot of hard work and planning coming together.

Next Generation Trinity FX is the final stages of development. Simply forward testing two different risk levels to find the sweet spot now.

I’m consistently hearing from people how interested they are in learning. Traders love discovering how the markets work and […]

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