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What Happens if You are Stopped Out?

What Happens if You are Stopped Out? 2017-05-18T21:40:44+00:00

Do You Re-Enter After Being Stopped Out?

Anytime a trade is stopped out and trade criteria still exists you are looking to re-enter once price action takes you back into a trade.

If you are stopped out with the max risk limit (5 open trades at their max SL) twice in the same day that is a sure sign that the current market conditions are simply not there and the best action is stop trading and wait for another session.

Two things to remember. Like in a casino over the time the house expects to win, the more trades we take over the time the more money we expect to make. However, we are playing the long game. If the market conditions are currently just not there do not worry, there are going to be many other trades.

The market will always be there.