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We use Interbank FX Demo data, unless you are using the Conquer V2 EA with a live account. You can use any data feed you choose, it is a personal preference. Always trade what is on your charts.

To make sure you are using the same data (so your charts will read the same as the rest of the group) click inside MetaTrader 4 (mt4) TOOLS then OPTIONS.  Now click on the tab that says ‘Server’.  Next to the Server field it should say – InterbankFX-Demo

If it does not follow these instructions to switch it to the correct data feed.

To switch to Interbank FX Demo data click FILE then LOGIN

Then in the Server field type:

Then you need to sign up for a new account…but the server should be IB at that point.

To open a new account in your Metatrader 4 platform follow these directions:

1. Click FILE then OPEN an ACCOUNT

2. All of your info should be already filled in. Just check off & “I agree to subscribe to your newsletters” (do not worry they do not spam you at all)

3. Then click NEXT on the bottom of the box and you will now have Interbank FX Demo data.