It has been a wild month of trading with huge ups and downs. After the first week and almost a 100% return and bringing the Eros Project to over a 400% return and new highs for the year it would had be nice to take off the rest of the month enjoying returns most any fund in the world would be ecstatic to achieve in a year. But that is not my goal or intention. As I mentioned in the Expectations on Eros Project System post, “in November the system saw a 85% gain during “normal”market conditions. I think we will see months that crush that number in the coming future.”

Great to see that we are at all times high. 🙂 I am quite confident that with your guidance, It is just matter of time when we would start making serious money.

I would also like to share something with you. Based on the principal’s we had cultivated in JCL forex and as a commitment for learning from you, the attached group of children in a orphanage in India are getting small financial assistance from me on a regular basis. Hence indirectly it is you, who is the real benefactor for these children, I am just a medium to pass on your good deeds to them…………… Thanks for taking care of all the novice traders in the group and guiding us in the right direction.

group of children in a orphanage in India

This note inspired me emphasising for me my goal and desire which is not to simply create wealth but to create a self-funding charity.

The following week after losing all of the recent ground gained I was again inspired but in a different way. By the support of the group in both good times and hard ones.

Some positive encouragement…

Hope you are having a good weekend and had time to relax after what was probably a personally stressful and frustrating week of trading. I know it has ups and downs and I’m not worried in the least and know that there will be weeks that will have gains that will make last week appear trivial. Over the last few months since I started following your trades, I still have a positive return greater than most traditional investments can offer and I thank you for that.

Last week I ran across a guy by the name of Noah St. John, a self help/success coach. Long story short; in one of his training videos he shared a short video clip from the movie “Facing the Giants” where a football coach got a player to do something that the player never thought he was capable of achieving but the coach believed he could.

Here’s the video:

I believe you can achieve your goal of trading a $1M account and 15,000%. However, that may just be your 30 yard line. I believe in you Jordan, as I’m sure many others do. Go for the endzone!

I think it is only a matter of time before we are making serious money and it looked like that moment was right upon us earlier this month. And the truth is when that time arrives nobody is going to be able to get onboard for a small sum of money with an initial investment of 10K or even 100K. Right now I dig deep again to turn this around and bring us back toward new account highs and I hope that this time we are able to break the ceiling. Because from the level we were at earlier this month and with the potential of my trading serious money monthly begins.