Early in the month it was clear the eurusd was going to break out for a very big move. Which way nobody had any idea. I expected the move to be triggered by some type of fundamental news event. Instead it was purely a technical move. The pair moved 350 pips in two days. I was caught on the wrong side on Aggressive gains and Trinity.

I managed the situation extremely well. Within two weeks back to new account highs. That’s the difference between a trader and someone who is not. It is how you manage positions and ever evolving situations.

Janurary drawdown and recovery.

NextGen Trinity

I started Trinity first with the intention of 5% monthly. Then I started trading Aggressive gains with the intention of 30% monthly. It is not easy trading two accounts. I dropped Trinity to focus solely on Aggressive gains.

Aggressive Gains

My goal for the year is 2000%.

30% per month compounds to over 2000% a year.

Feb 2016, the second month of trading Aggressive Gains reached it’s goal again of 30% monthly.

Returns on Aggressive Gains in February 2016.

Premium course

I am changing the free bonus of three months to my forex signals to two months for all those who join the forex training program.

The reason for the change is the signal service is no longer available. I’ve chosen Tallinex to work with, here is why, and offer managed Forex accounts for Aggressive Gains.