This Years Goals & Aspirations Include a +15,000% Return

A return of +15,000% and to be trading a million dollar account are my two primary goals for this year.

That’s an insane number! 15,000 percent. And to be trading my first million dollars by the end of the year. I think it is important to set goals that are achievable though that way as you reach your goals you feel a better sense of accomplishment. To achieve my first goal I need to maintain a return of 50% monthly for the course of the year. That’s tough to do. It is going to take a lot of work. I will show you more about my plan in the video below.

My intent of seeking to intellectually influence others to bring about positive changes remains.

This year I expect my goal of creating a self-funding charity JCL to become a reality. A billion dollar charity that will help change the world.

I am also going to run the CV2 EA with some advanced settings this year. This will be one of the tools to make you a self sufficient trader. You must be able to fish yourself. Look for information on this to come out this week.

My goal is to find a way that anyone with relatively little effort can have a 300% return yearly on their investment.


The last three months of 2012 had consecutive double digit gains.

Performance 2012 chart

The total return for 102 days was an awesome.

185% gain

I think the neat thing here is the amount of trades that took place during this time.

1000 trades plus in system performance

Consider the Conquer V3 Steroids version now officially named the Eros Project going forward.

  • 15,000% Return (Eros) Project

I will be archiving my journey to 15k% through this blog. I think I have what it takes to achieve my goal this year. That’s tremendous.

UPDATE: Follow my performance weekly  here (via email)

Overview Video

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  • Reply purpleskye January 14, 2013, 6:13 pm

    I think this is an awesome goal and very inspiring. I look forward to the journey.

  • Reply Michael January 14, 2013, 10:08 pm

    Hi there Jordan – that’s pretty damn good. My optimal expectation is to multiply an account by 125 times/year – poor old brain can’t convert that to %.

    I did 82 % in Nov-Dec on one demo account – am running with the method to gauge consistency.

    Will be keeping an eye on you though – nice corner to turn huh ? :-)

  • Reply fxhunter January 18, 2013, 6:18 am

    Hey guys
    What happened to this system yesterday; according to myfxbook the profit dropped from +371% to +23% (and 1.5K pips loss in a single day). Is it a myfxbook glitch or was it real? Or am I missing something?

    • Reply Jordan Lindsey January 18, 2013, 7:04 pm

      This is the note I sent out to investors yesterday. I think it is very important for anyone to read all before you deciding to invest or not.

      Obviously that was a bigger hit than I intended on taking. I do not think we will see new account highs by the end of the month but we will see them again.

      That is not the volatility I am looking for in equity curve. I apologize.

      I would like to see the normal drawdown between -15 and -25% with -35% being the max. -60% is too much regardless of the run up prior. Earned money is earned money.

      I made a mistake. I lost about 5-6 weeks of work because of it too. It is a fantastic market to be trading and I expect for that trend to continue.

      I have learned hard lessons in the market before and I am sure I will learn them again but I do learn from them, allow them to make me a better trader and move on.

      “current money management and risk controls.”

      The money management was abandoned. I went from the max stop loss of around -60 pips (which could be more when ATR grow again) to -273 pips last night. And risk controls need to be added. I know I should never take more than a -10% loss on total open positions but that needs to be implemented as written in stone now.


      Now I will also share some responses. Some of these investors are close friends and some are investing decent money. Please take the time to read them all.


      No problem Jordan. You know, it’s really funny. Every time I see the kinds of profits you are generating, I ask myself, am I going to retire at age 42? This morning, the answer is not today. But I know that day is coming very soon.

      Thanks again Jordan for letting me be a part of your incredible vision. I’m not only talking about the trading profits, but the entire idea behind it…to make our lives better, thus allowing us to make this world a better place by truly loving our neighbors as our Lord commands us to do.

      I wish you and your family, especially the newest on her way, the best!


      I totally understand, I will still stick with your system as I think it has good potential.


      I understand, and I appreciate the communication. I have noticed that the system seems to recover from DD’s relatively quickly, so I am ok with seeing them happen. The 60% DD is pretty high though as you said. I trust that you are making adjustments as necessary to reduce the likelihood of this type of DD in the future.

      Overall I am still very impressed with your system and look forward to continuing working with you.

      Thank you for being proactive and email me.


      That was a big ouch. But trading is trading. Like you said, 60% equity drop is too much volatility for me to be able to sleep at night. But I have a lot of faith in your system and in your trading. I was a bit surprised in your stop level of 120.50. Besides a large stop loss, the account didnt have enough equity to get that far, thats why it was stopped out at about 120. Currently my account is down to 6k from 14k since I startred Oanda on january 8th.

      But lets let the past be in the past. Like I said before, I see a ton of potential in the system. We just need to limit the drawdowns and protect our profits in the future…somehow. Of course we might get there slower by using smaller trade size, but im not in a rush. You are already up 50% on your profits in 3.5 months….and I just happened to start my oanda account at a rough market timing.

      The only other thing im concerned with…when I was looking at pending,orders today, I saw that you are introducing a lot of new currency pairs. More pairs might mean more trading…im not sure if thats a good or a bad thing. Im also wondering if you will be using smaller trade size since we have a smaller account, but I guess you would know better since money management is programmed into your system.

      This market will humble everyone. Maybe yesterdays mistakes will keep us from making bigger ones tomorrow. Happy pips to us all.

      That all being said this is actually an excellent time to get on board. I was about to send out an email to a select number of clients letting them know this was the last opportunity to become an investor. Truth is, the less investors the better for me. The terms were going to be 50/50 split through a partnership as the turns were and will again average close to 50% monthly. That is now kicked down the road for a few months and you have the opportunity to grow your account quicker right now through solely the monthly payment. You can use this link:

  • Reply fxhunter January 19, 2013, 2:09 pm

    Hi Jordan
    Appreciate your transparency & honesty with explanation. Been there, done that myself (mean getting burnt by abandoning risk management). What does not kill us makes us stronger, eh?
    Well, even if the system returns are down to 20+% after 4 months, it’s still +5% per month which is pretty good IMHO :-)
    Best Regards

  • Reply rick curley February 5, 2013, 8:35 am

    Hi Jordan,
    We have spoken via messaging a couple times. I am now thinking of investing with you in the EROS project. I’m not sure how much yet. Probably between 10k and 20k. I still want to learn to trade on my own. I have applied for disability, but am hoping to learn to trade from you to avoid going on disablity. Until I am profecient in my trading to make a nice living, I would live off the money I make through EROS. I am having some cognitive issues that I hope will be resolved in the coming months, so i will have to have my training later, unless you think I could keep up with the way you have the training now. Let me know what you think would be my best plan of action.

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