Forex Signals

As those who have been following my progress already know my two primary goals this year are a return of +15,000% and to be trading a million dollar account.

You can understand I have a good system and I am going to make a lot of money from it. I think I will make an astonishing amount of money from it this year alone.

Let me share briefly my plans.

Sometime around the end of the 1st quater I will be ceasing offering monthly payments and offer clients the opportunity to enter into a partnership agreement with me. Myself and client through the partnership create an entity. An account is opened in this name with both partners having full control. It is an equal partnership in that the client is providing the funds and I the know how.

Each agreement will be unique with the terms decided upon by the partners. All profits will be split 50/50 but the withdrawal terms will vary depending on the desires of the particular partners.

For example:
Starting balance 10K with an average return of 40% monthly.

1. $14,000
2. $19,600
3. $27,440
4. $38,416
5. $53,782

After 5 months, once the account reaches 50K the partners may wish to include in the agreement all profits over 50K are withdrawn monthly. Roughly 12.5K each.

That is a brief insight to the direction I am headed. More details will follow in the coming months. If your account is currently under 10K and at least 1.5K you want to make sure to be working with me now. This way you will not be left behind in the near future.

Monthly payments is the only option currently.

This is the last opportunity to join the trade copier service for accounts under 10K. You can contact me here.

More information on the Eros Project: