CGS – Follow trades NOW available

System: Consistent Growth Strategy

Required Minimum: 1,000 USD
Manage Fee: 0%
Profit Goal: 500% return per full year
Subscription Options:
Managed Accounts of Forex Signals
US Trader Compliment: Yes!
Brokers: Any MT4 Brokers

Forex Signals Copier

I am very happy with the results as they progress. The current performance is enough to take the top ranked spot on myfxbook’s auto trade leaders which is one of the many goals for CGS.

Let me share briefly my plans.

You can understand I have a good system and I am going to make a lot of money from it. Focused on low draw down and good profits the power of compounding will be at work here in a major exceptional way. I think I will make an astonishing amount of money from it with hard work and patience on my part.

How is how the CGS works

As the formula is of course kept secret let me share the philosophy of this strategy with you.

All trades are with the trend after a reversal from the trend has taken place and then only once price is resuming back toward the trend in place. Patience, let the pattern develop, and then attack and take the pips.

I am trading the same pattern which occurs on all time frames, depending on the time of day and current market volatility. The most common time frames I am focused on are the 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, and 4 hour but the 5 minute and daily are also considered depending on the circumstances.

If I had to sum it up it would be stress free. Just waiting for my pattern to develop and acting on it when it does. Key is consistency. Hitting singles upon singles with occasional doubles..

How you can follow the trades

No matter what size account you have the trade copier software copies the same trades taken in the master account into your account while allowing you to set your account to the same ratio.

For example, if your account is smaller or bigger than mine you just set the correct ratio and then everything else is handled automatically.


Works with any MetaTrader 4 broker (FIFO or non-FIFO). So ANY broker with ANY size account will work.

Caution: There is risk!

The point of CGS is low draw down with good returns. As in all foreign exchange transactions here is high degree of risk involved and only risk capital should be used. Make sure to read the risk warning and disclaimer before purchasing. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

This is a Limited Time Opportunity

I only have 100 slots available for the Forex Signals through the trade copier software which includes friends and family.

Also there is going to come a time this coming year when I will not be taking on new clients and only trading existing clients funds and my own allowing me to be solely focused on achieving my goals.

Out of those available slots I am opening up a few at a discount right now. First come first serve. As always I try to go above and beyond so your choice between performance fee or flat rate pricing:

Then the remaining slots with be sold at normal pricing with the last 20 at an even higher one for the last lucky few.

Do not use the sign up links on this page, but the ones directly above on this one for the discount.

I am available as always if you need any help.

Let’s make some pip$!



PS – Important! More info on Managed Accounts vs Forex Signals to help you.