This is how I am making money in Forex.

Description: New systematic trading on the eur/usd with the goal of keeping the drawdown to 25% and average monthly gains also at 25%.

What really counts is the Average Monthly Profit : Max. Drawdown Ratio. It is the modified CALMAR RATIO.

For me personally, all other stats are irrelevant…

If this ratio is above 1:1 the strategy qualifies for ‘very good’ and anything above 1:1 is ‘excellent’ and this is where the new systematic Steady ROI performs.

1000% yearly.
which is 22% monthly.
Or 100K to 1 million dollars within a year.
that would be 1 million to 10 million in one year

I do not have two year transactions doing this. Otherwise, I would be trading above 10 million myself right now. I hope to be there in two years from now.

What happens at scale?

Is it possible? How to make Soros type money.
100K is 4 lots (no problem)
1million is 40 lots (still okay)

You can go to maybe at most 80 lots per trade. So 1-2 million is max per broker possible.

20 brokers solves any liquidity issues

Good brokers, any broker that you would want to work with uses straight through processing. Meaning they do not take any risk with your trades. If you buy 100 lots from the broker they instantly brought 100 lots on the interbank.

They make money from the commission (and spread). Not trading against you,

No risk to the broker at all. That is why I started with Tallinex myself.

This is the goal,

22% per month = 1000% per year

This is how I am doing it, New Systematic Trading

Everyone has different investment goals.

22% per month = 1000% per year

It depends on what your goals and risk levels are..

I am not an investment advisor and the possibility exists that a loss could be sustained of some or all of the initial investment and therefore everyone should not invest money that they cannot afford to lose. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

With STEADY ROI I am trying to keep the draw down to under 20%. With the max draw down at 25%

  • I try to always keep the drawdown below 10%. Needless to say, that is not easy with these type of returns.
  • Once it reaches 10% I am on high alert. My trading changes. I take many more tight losses.
  • I hope 20-25% drawdown only happens once or twice a year.

I think you as the investor should consider anything above a 30% drawdown a failure. Even still, if that were to occur I expect to trade out of it.

  • I set 22% monthly return as an achievable goal I can make consistently and expect to reach it monthly.
  • I hope to have some larger than normal months here and there but more importantly I will not take risks and stand aside during abnormal market conditions and events.
 I also think it is prudent to withdraw funds regularly. You want to grow your account to a point where you take out 25% of new profits every time a 25% performance fee is applied. 50% left in is more than enough to continue the account growing with these returns.
Now my goal is simply 22% per month = 1000% per year. Less risk and less pressure.

For every $500 invested the chance to grow it into $271,400.

I choose Tallinex’s money manager platform to work with.

Everything is handled by Tallinex’s backend money manager system.
No VPS setups, software updates, or anything.

Here are the full details on why I choose Tallinex to work with.

Open a new account at Tallinex brokerage connected to Steady ROI.

If you on the click the link on the website it will automatically fill out the type of account “Managed.” Take a look at this screenshot. That is how it should look on your side.

Open Managed Account

Open managed account

This is the best way to get the greatest return with the least risk.