Forex Signal Service

No matter what size account you have the trade copier software copies the same trades taken in the master account into your account while allowing you to set your account to the same ratio.

For example, if your account is smaller or bigger than mine you just set the correct ratio and then everything else is handled automatically.

30% per month = 2000% per year

It depends on what your goals and risk levels are..

Here is what I am looking to do.

2000% yearly.
which is 30% monthly.
Or 100K to 2.3 million dollars within a year.
that would be 1 million to 22.3 million in one year

I do not have two year transactions doing this. Otherwise, I would be trading above 22 million myself right now. I hope to be there in two years from now.

What happens at scale?

Is it possible? How to make Soros type money.
100K is 4 lots (no problem)
1million is 40 lots (still okay)

You can go to maybe at most 80 lots per trade. So 1-2 million is max per broker possible.

20 brokers solves any liquidity issues

Good brokers, any broker that you would want to work with uses straight through processing. Meaning they do not take any risk with your trades. If you buy 100 lots from the broker they instantly brought 100 lots on the interbank.

They make money from the commission (and spread). Not trading against you,

No risk to the broker at all. That is why I started with Tallinex myself.

This is the goal,

30% per month = 2000% per year

This is how I am doing it,

That demo is being copied from a real account as the master since the new year.

Everyone has different investment goals.

I am not an investment advisor and the possibility exists that a loss could be sustained of some or all of the initial investment and therefore everyone should not invest money that they cannot afford to lose. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

I’ve taken risk in the past and have done extremely well.

Here is a screen capture from the webarchive. That was with Oanda in NYC.

This was around a 4000% return.

An account performance with over 4,000% return.

The money is there for the taking.

But it was too much risk. The drawdown was like 46%. And often. Too high.

With Aggressive gains I am trying to keep the draw down to under 25%. With the max draw down at 35%

Beyond that I would be worried something is wrong. But within that there is a lot of room to take things patiently and still make the monthly goal.

Now my goal is simply 30% per month = 2000% per year. Less risk and less pressure.

Two things.

#1. The fee is 25%. I think that is really fair. But after delivering a 1,000% return to each client​, terms will be renegotiated to a 40% fee. Which is also really fair.

​1000% return should take 4-7 months. Avg between 40-50% monthly.

#2. I think withdrawing your principle investment out early is fine. At least reduce the risk of the initial investment.​ The money will compound anyway.

I would withdraw 25% as profit, each time 25% was collected as a fee. Leaving 60% to continue to grow.

And one more thing. Lastly, if I go into 35% draw down I am going to still continue to trade out of it. Because no matter if I kept it as close to 35% I am still going to trade. But you could set your own max risk and close all of your positions at that point and call it a day.

The same link works for everyone to connect to the Tallinex money manager with their own account. But there are separate links for each master account.

Click here for options to connected your account to Aggressive Gains.