I will show you how I do it but ultimately it is up to you to take action.

Okay, let get started.

Expect 60 Days To Start Earning Residual Money On Your Niche Site Networks

You need to begin today and take action each day. Following the example of Justin I spent two hours a day on our niche sites and the rest on other projects. This is meant to be a part time gig, if you have more time to spend on your network expect much bigger and faster results.

Getting Started With A Little Planning

You have two options. Let’s take a look at each one.

Lots of small niche sites

Our strategy is to build small niche sites with around 5 pages of unique quality content and helps answers the search the visitor is looking for. This is how Justin taught me. I found out that there was really no way of knowing which were going to be the sites that worked out well (which means had more search traffic) before hand. Once a site was receiving more traffic than others I would add pages to those site.

The model Justin taught me (he also is the one who told me about adding more pages later) is a website with 5 pages, plus the 3 pages I will list below in order to comply with Google’s Adsense policy.

Larger sites

We never know which sites are going to take off and which ones will not ahead of time. You can do your best keyword research and place the odds in your favor but you truly never know which keywords are going to get the most traffic and rank the best.

What I have been doing is expanding my small websites that have been performing very well and adding roughly 25 pages of content to these websites.

You always have two choices to increase your traffic, which directly increases your earnings. You can build more niche websites or add more pages to your existing websites. With both options you need to make sure to build backlinks to these pages in order to increase their search rankings, thus traffic, this money.

How These Sites Make Money

All of these sites make money through the same means Google makes it’s billions dollars of revenue, through Google’s adsense platform. All of these websites have adsense placed in a way that they receive a high rate of clicks and generate income. People are searching for things, your websites provide content about these subjects, Google provides relevant ads to help people find what they are looking for and they click on these ads finding what they are looking for and you are compensated for helping them. A win for everyone.

Pick any topic for your website so long as it is something people purchase. For example: floor lamps, kitchen cabinets, outdoor backyard grill, etc, etc.

A few important things:

DO NOT share your websites urls with your friends and family. They may click on your ads accidentally trying to help you but instead will get you BANNED form adsense. Google makes a fortune from their Adsene program and protects their advertisers from fraud. Do Not EVER click on your own ads and do not give others the opportunity to do so either. The clicks must come from natural search quires and clicks.

ALL of your content MUST be original!

We are just getting started but now that means within days you have to begin building your first website. Your Forex website is for learning, writing, posting, etc. All of your other websites will be BUY PRODUCT WEBSITES. Meaning things people are looking to buy. Wood desk, ceiling fan, etc. People looking to buy a product will click on ads more.

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Adsense niche money sites blueprint that works:

1. Getting Started: Laying Out The Plan
2. Some Initial Questions
3. Watch Keyword Video
4. Putting Together Your First Money Site
5. Quick Review of Plan of Action