Do you think the possibility exists that the financial system could crash with the collapse of the dollar? Is this why China and Russia buying record amounts of gold? Is this why Germany took back two-thirds of it’s physical gold being held in the United States and England?

Educate yourself. This is a great place to start,

The section on gold is awesome and the video series on Silver will captivate while informing you.

After reading this information the most common question I am asked is: What percentage would you recommend for gold vs silver vs forex investing?

So, brainstorming with you, this is what I think is best.

X amount of dollars is invested in Forex. Each money Y is withdrawn from profits (20% of profits?) in order to invest in gold & silver consistently without worrying about price at 50/50 to gold & silver.

If an Lehman type event occurs, this time could be European Crisis (ex, Spain or Greece default) or Japan blowing up, sending price of USD higher and precious medals significantly lower at that point large amount of Forex account can be withdrawn to purchase larger positions in gold & silver.

These is the type of performance we are looking at:

Are you ready?