Last week I traveled unexpectedly to New York to help take care of my mom. She had major surgery. After being home for a few days she noticed she was having trouble breathing. Turns out she had a pulmonary embolism, a small blood clot in her lungs. She was hospitalized for three more days including 10 hours in the emergency room.

There were a couple of times last week I wanted to send out an update of what was going on which would had included that I was in New York earlier than planned but there was just no time at all to do even that.

This coming week my wife, daughter, brothers, sisters, and all of the cousins and grandchildren will be together for a bat mitzvah. Nana is now home from the hospital and we be able to be with everyone which is everything and more. In the near future there will be lots of playing and swimming in the pool for everyone.

We return early September.

For those who are in the northern hemisphere enjoy your last week of summer!