Have you realized that your trading actually mirrors you? Yes, think about it for a second. That is why it is important we work on our spiritual and physical goals as we grow throughout our trading journey.

One of the goals I set out to achieve this year was running the San Francisco marathon. My first training run of the journey ahead was unplanned and happened to be in San Francisco!

Check out My marathon training opening run. 🙂 ! It’s a 5 mile (8k) run I did on Monday, January 25, 2016.

My marathon training opening run.

Crissy field 5 mile run with John.

I am off to a good start to meeting my goal of finishing the full marathon this July.

My trading goals for the year are a steady 5% each month in one account and a 2,000% return in another.

How did the first month of the year’s trading go?

We were away halfway through the first week of the new year. And we also spent a long weekend in San Francisco. So that was amazing! I was able to live what I’ve set out to do.

Freedom to travel and do things with my family was one of the main reasons I choose to become a trader. Since I have traded from seven countries and three continents.

I’ve decided in 2016 to only write monthly performance reports. Doing so weekly is not beneficial toward my time or yours. I think by doing monthly reports instead of weekly the quality will be much better too.

So there it is. Monthly results make more sense all around.

Okay, let’s take a look at the results from January.

NextGen Trinity

Using low risk and with the intention of meeting the low monthly goal of between 5-10% monthly.

Because 6% monthly compounds into 100% yearly.

I was able to meet my goal for the 3rd month in a row. I am now 3/12 of the way to meeting my 100% yearly goal.

Little by little, month by month.

But I need to improve the performance a little to reach the 6% monthly average.

Performance for NextGen trinity in January 2016.

Aggressive Gains

My goal for the year is 2000%. 30% per month compounds to over 2000% a year.

So that is my goal. I had originally set the goal of 12% per week , which is 50% monthly. And that still is the goal of where I would like to consistently be. But the goal is 30% per month. That is where I want to be to feel comfortable in reaching my goal.

The first month of trading Aggressive Gains reached it’s goal of 30%. I am now 1/12 of the way to reaching my goal of 2000% for the year.

Jan monthly return for aggressive gains strategy.

Premium course

I am really excited to be sharing the NextGen Trinity course material with the 9 new members who joined this month. You now are able to work with me as your own trading coach plus profit with me.

Those just joining the course received three months free to my forex signal service. Subscribers can choose between NextGen Trinity or Aggressive Gains to copy trades from included in their course membership. That’s a fantastic deal. And it is still open to new members now.

What I need to work on is holding people more accountable. This will help them progress quicker. That is why the ebook for 31 Days To Profitability is going to be a great addition.

It will have exercises to be completed with each section. That work will gives me a greater chance of digging in deeper with you into trading. And greatly improve yours.

I only expect the course to continue to improve in value. It will be there for you. And the market will always be there too.

What I need to improve on next month.

I did not spend anytime on developing the idea for my book and the 31 Days to Profitability which will be a downloadable ebook. Maybe I should make both the book and ebook the same project.

As for my trading. You have to protect your money even though that means losing out on a few big moves here and there. You have to get the waves when you can and be fully invested only at those times.

This could had been a huge month if it had not been for a few stops getting hit here and there. But overall I met or exceeded my monthly goals. Good stuff. Let’s do it again next month.