I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all of the support both publicly and privately alike after last month´s report. Every word was helpful and greatly appreciated, thank you.

Back to the report. July saw a 4.88% gain. August is currently on track to surpass that. Good performance for summer trading. And I am looking to improve it into the year end.

However the current average monthly gain of 8.8% per month needs to rise back toward 15%, and preferably the 30% goal during the Fall.

And some personal stuff to share.

We now present our newest daughter Gianna who was born this past May to you.


Also this past weekend, 2016 San Francisco Marathon finisher!


In January when I began training I could run for 9 minutes. I fished the race in under 4 hours. 26.2 miles.

Here I am crossing the finish line!