This month’s performance was bazooka. Almost doubling the monthly goal of 30%.

Aggressive Gains March performance

I have been receiving a lot of questions about the low lot size being traded.

At the end of the day the % return is what matters. This month was almost double the monthly goal of 30%.

There are countless factors that go into the size of each position including current market volatility, if ranges or expanding or contracting, and a multitude of others.

I have been trading with extremely low size for the last two weeks on purpose. That will change.

This is the last two weeks while I have been trading with very low lot size:

March performance during last two weeks

The green bars in the chart represents lot size during the last two weeks.

Lot size during last two weeks of March

So anyway, the point of all of this is no matter what size your account is, the money manager distributes it all proportionally.

So focus on your % return and do not worry about lot size.

I’ve chosen Tallinex to work and offer managed Forex accounts for Aggressive Gains.