Sometimes a few words could provide an unexpected spark of encouragement.

After posting the update: `Too Aggressive, 30% is possible but..´, a long time JCL´s Forex reader wrote me, “why did your goals have to change?”

Thank you Doug.

I never had the chance to respond. And until now he had no idea how much his question has helped me reassess things and move forward.

The reason I set 30% as the monthly target was because I believed that is what I can achieve consistently in Forex. I believe in setting goals that can be reached.

Often times our failures lead to our greatest success.

So where are we right now. Since the last update we have seen an incredible recovery. That is really good. The new systematic strategy is in place. That is great.

I expect 8-10% returns weekly through the end of the year. This week´s goal has already been reached and we continue moving forward.

There are some holidays ahead as well as a couple of super high risk events to come such as the Italy referendum and expected Fed rate hike, on which we will stand aside, but accounting for all of that I expect for us to average 8-10% weekly through the remainder of the year.

In early November the changes you saw on: audusd, usdcad, nzdusd, nzdjpy (and additional pairs) will continue but actually be taught in the upcoming training sessions. They can be traded manually or automated.

I am continuing with the automated trading on the eurusd which is with a new strategy, fully automated, and making big gains. We are well on our way to continue in this fashion, very strong.