I know this might sound crazy. Imagine designing something producing 50% monthly.

If you would be able to bring the return to 80 or 100 % per month (on average) with more risk taking, everyone would be very happy.. but still it is incredible.. 🙂

As far as the return per month: a consistent 50% return per month, no matter the starting balance, adds up very quickly. That is the minimum goal I am looking for here.

50% MONTHLY is beyond enormous and I would rather give a goal that I can beat monthly but yeah I too am looking to build something along the lines of what you are saying but actually much more.

NextGen Trinity uses multiple instances of MT4 working together for the EA, each handling different functions, but you would only need one instance of MetaTrader 4 copying the master account.

CGS at 2.02.26 PMThis coming week risk will be dropped even LOWER while still hitting that 50% a week with a max draw down of around 25-30%. Yes, you reading that correctly. Lowering the risk on NextGen Trinity and still producing 50% weekly.

So that we are on the same page. I stand by what I have said, “50% monthly is just insane.” Some of the best results a trader could ever produce. I never dreamed that 50% weekly was possible.