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USD/CAD Forecast

USD/CAD Weekly Outlook October 29 – November 2

Trade Analysis / Chart in Focus:


The USD/CAD closed up for the third week in a row. The weekly charts are now setup for a short with the 4 hour chart leading the way.

USD/CAD Outlook

This pair has seen a decent run the past few weeks but beware for downside risk now especially with Friday’s price action.

Let’s […]

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USD/CAD Weekly Outlook October 22-26

Trade Analysis / Chart in Focus:


Simply a nice week with a +140 pips gain and closing at the highs for the week. Looks very bullish at first glance but looks can be deceiving at times.

USD/CAD Outlook

Do not be caught on the wrong side of the market here. I will explain in the video way this […]

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New Trade Setups Intraday on EUR/AUD & USD/CAD

In this video of today’s market scan for new trade setups we take a look at the current state of the AUD/USD and EUR/USD on the daily, 4 hour, and 1 hour time frame. Related news events for these two pairs including the ECB meeting on Thursday and the RBA statement and the price of […]

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USD/CAD Forecast, August 20-24

US Dollar takes more losses to Canadian dollar

The strong downtrend continues for the eighth consecutive week in a row where price had made a lower low.

USD/CAD Outlook

Interesting to note that on Friday’s daily chart price closed up and in a bullish engulfing pattern. Too soon to begin looking for long entries but the first sign of a possible counter trend rally […]

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USD/CAD Outlook, Aug 12 – Aug 18

The US Dollar counties big gains against the Canadian dollar

USD/CAD closed at toward weekly lows making nice sized gains.

I am cautious about: Nothing on the radar on this pair.

My Outlook: I expect for the USD to continue making gains on the CAD this week.

Open positions for USD/CAD
(source Oanda) High impact events for USD & CAD during the […]

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Game Changer in Major Reversal – Trend Shift to Risk On

After yesterday’s announcement from the ECB proved to be a lack of action US dollar and Japanese strength picked up. Later in the day traders realized they had misread Draghi’s signals to the market.

This was confirmed further today when members of Germany’s Angela Merkel’s coalition parties showed they won’t stand in the way of ECB chief Mario Draghi’s plan to buy […]

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Forex Daily Charts, Scan for Setups: July 27

In today’s scan of the markets we take a look at the currency pairs setting up for the beginning of the coming trading week and review the past setups from this week.

What a tremendous move on the eur/usd and the aud/usd this week. Wish I caught the move on the usd/cad too!

Truly a fantastic week […]

Forex Daily Charts Scan for Setups: July 23

Here is today’s market scan for setups on the daily charts. In this video we take look at the current state of serveral currency pairs that we are following with possible setups on the eur/usd, eur/jpy and usd/cad.

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Open Trades Update: July 18

Checking in to take a look at the current forecasts. Yesterday we took look at a short on the usd/cad and a buy setup on the eur/jpy. Let’s take a look at both in order to continue to manage any open positions.

USD/CAD Sell Trade – USD/CAD Strong Looking Short Setup

This trade is into profit but has […]

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USD/CAD Strong Looking Short Setup

We have what looks to be a text book short setup on the usd/cad right now. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

Oanda open positions ratio

USD/CAD: 52.59% Long vs 47.41% Short

1. The large red arrow shows a clear down slopping trend.

2. Look at the True Trend we see a confirmation that we are […]

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