Next Generation Trinity

This Week:
-0.97% return with a 1.91% drawdown
Total of -8 pips with a 25% win ratio on 20 trades

Day traders solution.

Once A Day Trade

This Week:
+0.21% return with a 0.02% drawdown
Total of 22 pips with a 50% win ratio on 2 trades

Perfect for those who work full time and have little time to trade.

TraderJCL Live Master Account

This Week:
-0.93% return with a 1.96% drawdown
Total of 14 pips with a 26% win ratio on 23 trades

Trading is always an extremely difficult endeavor. I would like to be profitable each day and each week but that is not the reality. Three trading days with losses out of fifteen so far for the month equalling a total return of +5.72% with a total drawdown -3.49% is simply super.