The Ability To Adapt

This morning I received a note of encouragement that I am grateful for and was inspiring.

Please accept my email as encouragement and postivity for you and your efforts. Its not that I think you need it but more so my desire to give it. I feel like you are always giving of yourself, time, energy, and prayers so I wanted to offer what I could to you. Win, loose or draw Jordan you have given me hope which gives me the ability to believe. This allows me to duplicate the process and give hope to others and so on. I don’t have alot to say except, “thank you”

It seems that it is increasingly difficult to dig our way out of this and I fully believe our performance will turn around and our trading will prevail but in this moment it is difficult. Between you and me I am full of faith but it is not easy when every time you get up you get knocked back down. It is my hope that this experience sticks with me so that the next time trading is all coming all too easily I can remain small.

We will not be distracted by temporary setbacks!

About Jordan Above of all I am a husband, a father. I am also a trader. Here is my advice. Trade what you see NOT what you expect. Price is everything. Think like a fundamentalist; trade like a technician. No emotions. No guessing. Learn to read the charts and use awesome $ management. Work with me and I’ll show you what works: 31 Days To Profitability
  • Reply Nikos April 4, 2013, 7:00 am

    My dearest friend Jordan
    I do not trade at the moment but as a trader with experience and faithfull follower of your system I would like to convey to all the following:
    Trading is no different than life. We take decisions and we act believing at the time that this is what we should do. When things turn out as we wish, we have a quick up, but let it pass. When the opposite, we have all sorts of reactions that last much longer including blaming ourselfes etc. What is missing in both trading and life is the basis on which we take our acts and faith. In trading sticking to the plan is the basis and faith means that we do not control the markets, nor do we know what they are going to do next. But what we do know is the plan and how to execute it. You must have obsrved that the issue of faith comes in only on failure and not in success! Therefore do not be distructed and stick to the plan. The same caan be said for ones way of living: Find your plan in life this will give you faith to endure the bad times as you will trully understand that nothing is in your hands and you cannot control life.
    My love to you Jordan and all the traders following you

  • Reply Maurie April 6, 2013, 5:51 pm

    Thank you Nikos and thank you Jordan. Learning to be content regardless of the circumstance is a difficult thing to do. Yet in every circumstance, there is a secret that can be learned, a secret that is actually no longer a secret (though most of mankind still lives as if it were) that if rightly understood, enables one to endure moments of abundance and of suffering need with an equal and calming balance.

    Of note in the thought is the word “learned”. I have traversed many years and I can attest, it IS a process of learning. One engages the journey, experiences the highs and the lows that all journeys bring and experiences the inner and very personal struggle…the euphoria when winning…the despair and angst when losing. And what does wisdom say of such an experience: Is it the circumstance of the moment that determines my balance, my peace in any given moment or is it what I know to be true of the bigger picture?

    In the end, it won’t be the highs and the lows that will always be a part of life’s journey that determine my inner peace, but rather what I knew to be constantly true no matter the circumstance. In the end, in the ultimate day of review that we will all face…will we recognize a moment when we could have said it was then that I knew I had LEARNED the secret of being content in whatever circumstance I was?

    Don’t misunderstand, I do have a responsibility to determine the proper risk perspective (and my tolerance level) of whatever I am doing with Jordan, and that is MY responsibility, not his…but even though my time with him has not been lengthy, it has been enough for me to know that I can trust him not because he guarantees me a positive return on my investment…but because he will always be true to the intent of his efforts…he will always be honest no matter the moment, no matter the current result. One thing I know for sure, no matter the length of my relationship with him, whenever the end might come, win or lose financially, I will never have been misled, never have been lied to, never have received anything but an honest and straightforward effort.

    I have been a business owner/entrepreneur for almost 40 years now and I can tell you, the opportunity to enjoy that kind of relationship trust with a partner is a rare opportunity indeed. Win, lose, or draw, thank you Jordan for opening up the lessons of your life to the possible benefit of others!

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