This morning I received a note of encouragement that I am grateful for and was inspiring.

Please accept my email as encouragement and postivity for you and your efforts. Its not that I think you need it but more so my desire to give it. I feel like you are always giving of yourself, time, energy, and prayers so I wanted to offer what I could to you. Win, loose or draw Jordan you have given me hope which gives me the ability to believe. This allows me to duplicate the process and give hope to others and so on. I don’t have alot to say except, “thank you”

It seems that it is increasingly difficult to dig our way out of this and I fully believe our performance will turn around and our trading will prevail but in this moment it is difficult. Between you and me I am full of faith but it is not easy when every time you get up you get knocked back down. It is my hope that this experience sticks with me so that the next time trading is all coming all too easily I can remain small.

We will not be distracted by temporary setbacks!