My goals for forex trading this year.I hope you are well and doing great! I am back from our family holiday. We had an amazing time together in Acapulco. The highlight for me was seeing my two year old daughter learning to swim under water.

​During breakfast one morning we all set New Year’s resolutions. One spiritual, one physical, and one for business. I thought this was a great idea! Here are what I choose.

  • Pray each day (most important)
  • Run the San Francisco marathon this summer (lots of hills!)
  • Write a book on Forex (any ideas on a subject?)

​I have an idea of what I would like to write the book about. But I am very interested to hear any and all suggestions you may have before I begin the process.

A lot of you have written me over the past couple of weeks. About what your biggest hurdles in learning to trade have been. I read each one with great interest. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible during the next week now that I am home.

I want to go over my goals and aspirations with you for 2016.

Let’s begin with my own trading and the two systems I am using.

NextGen Trinity

I have been trading NextGen Trinity now for two months since it was launched. I am looking for 5-10% monthly.

Some insight.

6% monthly compounded into 100% yearly.

I use very low risk and there is no pressure at all to meet the low monthly goal. That is why it is set this way. I feel very good about being able to continue at this pace for a very long time.

Agressive Gains

Trading live on this strategy just began this week. I am looking for 12% weekly. Something I think is entirely manageable without putting on too much pressure.

That is roughly 1,000% every 5 months or so.

Which means in a year you could go from 1K to 100K.
or 10K to 1m.

I think that is sustainable. More than that I think it is worth the extra risk I am taking on.

Automated Trading

Conquer V2 is already a long term success. Meaning it is profitable. It is time to improve on it!

I would like for it to average 5% monthly though on auto pilot. With a very good draw down.

To do this, I need to adjust the position sizes of each order. And take profits.

For a long time I have been wanting to get back to this project. I would like to begin testing very soon. More information on this to come as I progress.

NextGen Trinity Premium Course

Some people want to invest and make money. Other people want to learn for themselves how to trade.

The NextGen Trinity course teaches the strategy through a concrete method. This way you understand the concepts behind the system instead of following along blindly.

Last year I only invited ten members to join the course. Although the course was up to my standards and the best work I have created to date I wanted to work with a small group, receive their feedback, and make the course simply great!

Over the next couple of weeks I will be updating the course with all of the information I have received. I am really excited about this.

31 Days To Profitability

This project is going to take a lot of work. My goal is to work on it weekly and finish it by the end of the year. Here is what it is all about.

Do you have big dreams for your trading career? Do you have a list of improvements you want to make one day? Performance a little embarrassing?

You’re not alone.

31 Days to Profitability will be a downloadable ebook designed to help you revitalize your trading. One step at a time, it will transform your trading money making machine you’ve always dreamed of.

Designed to Make you Think, but more Importantly DO

The workbook will be divided into 31 easy-to-follow tasks that you can work through in your own time.

Each step in the workbook contains:

  • A Task – something to DO that step.
  • Teaching – each day you’ll be given in depth instruction on both the WHY and HOW of the task of the day.
  • Further reading – so you can dive deeper on any task.

This three pronged approach is designed so that you come away from the challenge having not only learned how to build a better trading plan/strategy but you’ll have actually achieved something with the knowledge.

Well, as you can clearly see I have a lot to work on. Let me get going! Talk to you all later.