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Trade Copier Service 2017-10-02T17:37:41+00:00


Plan: Trade Copier

Required Minimum: 1,000 USD
Manage Fee: 0
Profit Goal: 1,000% return per full year
Subscription Fee: $100
Counting Date: Monthy
Risk: Warning
Brokers: Any MT4 brokers
Purchase: Sign up


Plan: Managed Accounts

Required Minimum: 600 USD
Manage Fee: 30%
Profit Goal: 1,000% return per full year (after fees)
Subscription Fee: 0
Counting Date: Every natural month
Risk: Warning
Brokers: FX Choice
Purchase: Sign up


There are no more updates or changes, the system is running as is and as the history builds people will have the opportunity join. At the same time, as that is happening with these types of returns and my accounts growing there will come a time when there is no longer a need for clients. The strategy will be then be closed off to new users.

Those that are with me I will make sure to continue working with so that the opportunity is there for them.