I am very happy with our trading last week which ended with a gain of +19%. Early in the week I made a shift from JPY pairs which were consolidating in small ranges to USD pairs with AUDUSD and EURUSD becoming the focus. This was not initially done but when I realized it I was very happy. Overnight, this shifted to trades on all three Yen pairs that all ended up nicely into profit. Danny summed up the culmination of the week best.

We had an amazing trading week! You sure squeezed every last pip out of that NFP EUR/JPY spike! Since I work at night I got to follow every step of your trading that day….protecting the profits by setting the SL to 40 pips below pre NFP market price and the TP level was brilliant! It reversed right after our TP was hit!

We were lucky to hit that TP on the EURJPY NFP trade. Got up at 5:00am to see what was going on and adjusted the TP and SL. It was nice to see the fruit when I woke up at 6:30am for NFP. Shortly afterwards I knew to short it but let it go.

The week ahead

The market fundaments really do not make much sense right now. We see the possibility of the European Crisis coming back into center stage. What will happen then with the current Yen weakness? Will it become it begin to appreciate again? The markets expects BOJ easing by the first week of March. Until then, any day could bring a sharp jump in JPY weakness while at the same time North Korea could cause JPY strength at a moments notice. The only thing that I can see is USD strength coming. I am trying to trade light and cautiously until the market shows it hand and take advantage of those times during the week when we do get some type of momentum building one way or another.

Performance Update

The account minimum for Eros Project will soon be going up to 10K through partnership opportunities with me. Those we are with me prior to the minimums being raised I will continue to help get their accounts above 10K in order for them to be able to stay with me.

You can read about details here with the current performance here.

Right now you can join for $100 monthly. After your first payment if your account is under a +50% return from your initial balance any additional payment will be refunded until your account is over a +50% return.

The $100 monthly payment is my fee. This is the only fee I am charging you in the beginning to help you grow your account. If your account is under a +50% return from the initial balance any additional payments will be refunded. At the time I launch the partnerships if your account is still under 10K at the time I am going to allow you to remain on the current structure until your account is over 10K.

There is no trading on your part. The trade copier software automatically copies the trades into your account.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions. Otherwise, when you are ready you can create a subscription you will be taken to a page with the download for the trade copier EA and instructions for the setup.

You will then email me your account number from which I will issue you an ID and the final settings.

If you have any questions just let me know.