Next Generation Trinity

This Week:
-0.01% with +87 pips with a 58% win ratio on  31 trades.

Once A Day Trade

This Week:
No trades this week.

Thursday’s ECB event was the ideal circumstance for this strategy but after being up all night with the baby it was not possible. I missed out on that one but the market will always be there! There will be more to come.

TraderJCL Live Master Account (track here)

This Week:
-0.45% return with +102 pips with a 60% win ratio on 33 trades

Notes: I was extremely pleased with the reduction of position sizes to trade during the volatility on Thursday. Position sizes were reduced 1/3. The days pip range was the highest in years, 450 pips.

That is what it takes. Smart and responsible trading.

Reduced positions sizes on Thursday are the reason the weekly totals have such high positive pips but flat for the week in returns.