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Pro Signals

Delivered directly to your email. Sent a few times a week the signals include trades taken by Jordan using the strategy taught in the CTM Training Course complete with entry level, stop loss, position size and comments on the details of the trade itself.

Emails with the setups that I myself choose are sent out with the following included:

The trade described in 3 parts:

  1. Watching the trade coming
    • Pair traded
      • strength vs weakness
      • at support/resistance
      • break of a trend line
      • etc
  2. Taking the trade
    • Long/Short
    • Entry level
    • Risk/reward and percentage risked
    • Hour of the day
    • Comments about the circumstances in the market when the trade was taken
  3. Managing the trade and closing the trade
    • Moving stop loss to lock in profit
    • Taking profits
    • Closing the trade

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